The teen-ager and I have a new crush. We have gotten completely hooked on the Veronica Mars television series available on Amazon Prime and a few other streaming sites. The show ran for three years and has been off the air for seven, but it still seems fresh.

When it first aired ten years ago, I was elbow deep in diapers and the sleepless mights that come with newborn twins. I’d heard it was a good show and planned to catch up on it later. I was still buying diapers when it was cancelled.

Then, I heard about the Kickstarter campaign for the new Veronica Mars movie that came out earlier this year. The creative minds behind the series, as well as the star, Kristen Bell (of Frozen fame—another household favorite), wanted to make a movie for their loyal fans. They put it up on Kickstarter, a crowd funding source, and met their goal in less than 12 hours. My fourteen-year-old and I made a pact to watch all three seasons before we saw the movie. We love to binge on a new-to-us series. And this was the perfect kick off to our summer.

The show is smart, funny and has enough kick in the mystery department to keep even the adults hooked. Creator and writer, Rob Thomas, whipped up the perfect combination of modern-day Nancy Drew and the edgy, teen snarkiness of a John Hughes movie. Veronica is an outsider who manages to be hip, creative, hard-working and devoid of a victim mentality. For those of us who grew up wanting to be Nancy Drew, she’s a great character for our daughters to enjoy.

Each summer, our family chooses a theme for family watch nights. Past winners have been Pirates of the Caribbean, Jane Austen miniseries, Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables and Malcolm in the Middle. We’ll watch the shows and movies over and over through the course of the summer, after long days swimming or bike riding. While Veronica Mars isn’t appropriate for the twins, the idea of a girl detective suits everyone and I’m now on the lookout for something suitable for ten-year-olds.

As a writer, I enjoy getting to know new characters and trying to see how the writers pulled off such great storytelling. I think Rob Thomas is a great writer and I’m picking up as many tips as I can from the series. You might be saying, “Jane, you’re not a screenwriter!” Yep, that’s true, but good writing is good writing and you can learn from it no matter the form or genre. So, we’re binging on our new crush. What’s your crush?