About Jane

Jane Estes is a writer and artist whose work has been featured in newspapers and regional magazines, as well as online. She currently writes a monthly arts column for the Williamson County Sun.

Through her many years of non-profit work in the arts, Jane has built a reputation as an advocate for artists and art funding. She led a small group of volunteers in developing the Georgetown Art Center. This goregous space, housed in a 113-year-old fire station, is the result of 7 years of grassroots organization that culminated in a partnership with the City of Georgetown. She is a board member of the arts advocacy organization Texans for the Arts.


Jane is the owner/director of Daisy Virtual Assistants where she helps writers and artists with the large and small tasks that keep creative people from creating.

A graduate of the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a degree in Humanities, Jane loves to write stories that highlight the commonalities in our human condition. She believes everyone has a story worth telling. She approaches her work with humor and curiosity with the goal of creating a dialogue about art, women’s issues, and the joys and absurdities inherent in being a human on the planet. Her mantra for writing women’s fiction is: smart, funny, bittersweet.

Jane just completed her first novel about a woman who needs to make time to have a mid-life crisis. Also, Jane is living proof that it’s never too late to decide what you want to be when you grow up. She lives just outside of Austin, Texas, with her husband and three daughters plus a couple of fine dogs and one excellent cat.