Crowdfunding 2.0

Photo by Carlotta Stankiewicz

Last week, I was honored to be on a panel at the Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference just down the road in Austin. Because of the success of my Kickstarter that funded a three-week trip to Ireland for research on my novel, The Knowledge of Sorrow, the kind folks at the WLT asked me to share what I learned during that process with the conference attendees.

Also on the panel with me was the phenomenal Jodi Egerton, poet, wordslinger and founder of Typewriter Rodeo. Christopher Locke was also a guest on the panel and Carlotta Stankiewicz moderated.

Christopher had crowdfunded several campaigns related to drawing, art journaling and his project Heartless Machine. He’s a high school art teacher and is very funny. Jodi and her husband, writer Owen Egerton, raised funds for their book on writing, titled This Word Now. And the lovely Carlotta, had a successful crowdfunding project for her clever book, Haiku Austin.

We had a dedicated group of audience members for our session and I hope we left them inspired, informed and empowered to move their dream projects forward. It was a lot of fun—just look at how rapt Jodi and I are in the above picture!

The recording of the panel will be available soon from the Writers’ League and I will let you know how and when you can access it, just in case you want to know how to launch your own dream. Until then, here are a few highlights.

1. Do your homework. Research all the crowdfunding sites to determine which one is right for your project.
2. Outline your project and what your goals are for it.
3. Create a detailed budget for your project.
4. Know that there are people out there who want to support your dream. Many of them you don’t even know.

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